Developer Center

This website supports the implementation and operation of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API for tool vendors and advertisers with tool development skills.
We will deliver a wide range of information from how to start using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API to the latest news.

What is Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API

The Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API connects our system and applications that developers and advertisers create. It helps you manage Search Ads and Display Ads efficiently. Developers can create various applications such as a tool that efficiently manages large ad accounts and campaigns and one that shows report data graphically.
The applications you create will be available to third parties and may trigger business expansion.

Benefits of introducing Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API

The main benefits of introducing Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API are "more efficient management of large campaigns and ads," "less labor through automation," and "less human error." Additionally, combining multiple tools or creating your management logic will give you more advanced ad-management solutions. Advertisers and agencies that manage several accounts will benefit.
*Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API requires a developer or programmer with technical skills for introduction and management.

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