What is Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API enables you an efficient campaign management by connecting applications developed by developers and Yahoo! JAPAN Ads system.
It is available to develop various applications with developers' creative ideas such as multiple account operations, tools for effective campaign management and creating ads, graphical performance reporting. The application you created with API can be provided to a third party.

The main features of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API are as follows.

Entity Details
Service Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Search Ads / Display Ads
Protocol REST
Authentication of application OAuth
API user access Granted by company


  • - Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API version upgrades every few months to add or improve functions.
    The application developed with Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API has to be modified when upgrading.
  • - Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API does not support a payment function.
    Please consider to increase your monthly budget or using automatic charge for the larger size of campaign management enabled by API.

Regarding Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API application, please refer to "Apply API Use" for details.