What is Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API

The Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API connects our system and applications that developers and advertisers create. It helps you manage Search Ads and Display Ads efficiently. Developers can create various applications such as a tool that efficiently manages large ad accounts and campaigns and one that shows report data graphically. The applications you create will be available to third parties and may trigger business expansion.

API use cases

Typical applications using the Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API include:

・Automate reporting
・Make changes to campaigns and ads
・Show alerts under preset conditions
・Automate importing offline conversion data
・Manage delivery status and budgets for different media's ads in one place (combine API provided by each medium)

You can do almost the same thing as the Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Campaign Management Tool through the API.

The main features of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API are as follows.

Service Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Search Ads / Display Ads
Data format JSON
Interface definition OpenAPI Specification
Authentication of application OAuth
API user access Granted by company

Benefits of introducing Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API

The main benefits of introducing Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API are "more efficient management of large campaigns and ads," "less labor through automation," and "less human error." Additionally, combining multiple tools or creating your management logic will give you more advanced ad-management solutions. Advertisers and agencies that manage several accounts will benefit.

Notes on introducing Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API requires a developer or programmer with technical skills to develop and maintain applications (upgrading, etc.).
This API will be a good option for companies whose costs for developing and managing applications match the benefits of introducing the API.

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API Required FreeYou can practice highly flexible development and ad management that matches your needs.
Effective ad management such as receiving automated and customized reports, changing bids, and replacing ad texts will be available.
It requires routine maintenance by a developer or programmer with technical skills after introduction.
Campaign Editor Not required FreeA tool that helps you modify Yahoo! JAPAN Ads data. You can use it offline and upload your ads to our ad management tool.
It lets you work on your data in bulk without being interrupted by slow internet performance.
Learn more about the Campaign Editor.
Start Using Campaign Editor-Search Ads
Start Using Campaign Editor-Display Ads (Auction)
Campaign Management Tool Not required FreeAn online tool that helps you modify Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.
The more accounts you manage, the more labor you need.
Ad management tool
(third party)
Not required Paid planAd management tools that our technology partners offer. They use Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API.
Features and fees vary depending on the tool. You need to select one that matches your goal or budget.
Main features:

・Automated reports
・Automated ad management
・BI/MI tool

The following page shows our certified technology partners.


  • Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API version upgrades every few months to add or improve functions.

    The application developed with Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API has to be modified when upgrading.

  • Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API does not support a payment function.

    Please consider to increase your monthly budget or using automatic charge for the larger size of campaign management enabled by API.

Regarding Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API application, please refer to "Apply API Use" for details.

Certified Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API partners

You can introduce the other company's API (our API partners) for ad management.
Certified partners who have achieved "operational efficiency through integrated management" and "advanced management" are on the list.
Introducing the other company's API isn't free. Compare the cost with the benefits.
Learn more about Certified Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API partners.