Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API will provide 3 or 4 times upgrades per year for feature release and improvement.
Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API performs version up when providing some major functional release or major specification changes. It is not compatible with lower versions.
When you use a new version, you will need to modify and develop your applications and services in accordance with new API version.

Changes in version notation are as follows.
 Before versioning up: v1
 After versioning up: v2

Using old and new versions

You can use some older versions for a while after a new version release. You need to consider modifications and developments corresponding to the new version during the combined use period with the old version.

Notification of versioning up

We will inform you about a new version on Announcement and via email.

Release date and sunset of support

Release date, Depreciation date and End of Life date of each version will be announced on the page "Deprecation Schedule". You can refer the page above as well.