You can refer to the following links of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API Reference.
 Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API Reference

You can check the explanations, restrictions and error codes of each service in Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API Reference.
Some services can also be checked in production environment on the Reference. See below for details.

Perform an operation check on production

When you can find [Try it out] button on the details of selected service, you are able to perform an operation check on production via the Reference.

  For using "Try it out", Add Application is required in advance.   

1. Open the Reference.

2. Click the [Authorize] button on the right end.

3. Enter your Client ID and Client secret, check "yahooads" and click the [Authorize] button.

4. Log in with your Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID when the login screen is displayed.

5. The message "Do you approve the access to Yahoo! JAPAN Ads from App_xxx?" is displayed. Click "Approve". button.

6. Open the details of service and method to perform the request.

7. Click the [Try it out] button.

8. Click the [Edit] button and enter the required items when sample request displayed.

9. After filling out, click the [Execute] button.

10. Request is executed on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API and response returns. Check the contents of response.

 Request is executed on production environment. You can use after confirming the values to be entered.
 The Request Restrictions (QPS) is also counted as production requests.