Add Application

To enable Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API for developer's application, the application need to be added on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API Management Console.
Follow the steps below.

1. Go to Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API Management Console
When you are asked to sign in, please sign in with your Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID that you used to apply Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API.

2. Click "Add a new application" on the application list window.

3. Click "Add" button on the Added applications screen.

4. Enter the following items on the Add a new window. These items are all required.
 - Application name / Outline:  Enter the name of application. This information will be displayed to the application users.
 - Description
 Enter the functions and features of the application. This information will be displayed to the application users.
 - Redirect URI
 Enter the redirect URI that redirects to completion page displayed to your application users after the application access via Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API enabled.
 Enter "oob" when you have no redirect URI due to undeveloped application or internal use of application.
 You can enter half-width alphanumeric characters and following symbols for redirect URI.
 ! # % & + - . / : ; = ? @ _ ~ 

5. Click "Confirm" button after you complete entry.
Check your entries on the confirmation screen and click "Add a new" button if everything OK.

6. Enabled applications are displayed in the list and the process completes.

The following information will be displayed on the list along with the information entered on the process above. These information are necessary on application authentication via OAuth.
 - Client ID
  The individual application ID issued by Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API.
 - Client secret
  Serves as password which will be used along with the client ID. Click "view" on the list top to display the client secret.

 - Each application needs to be added with this process when you develop multiple applications.
 - Keep your client ID and client secret in secret, not to share to a third party.
 - When your access to Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API is not confirmed for more than six months, your client ID may be terminated.