Release of new age groups and restrictions on use of predicted users setting function

Document Number: APIE-FY21-2165

Dear customers,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.

We have released the new age groups for age targeting feature on Display
Ads as previously announced in "Enhancements of Age/Gender Targeting
features on Display Ads (Document Number: APIE-FY21-2133)."
Restrictions on use of predicted users setting function has started
toward the end of use. Please see the following details.

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.

1. Product:
 Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads

2. Change groups of Age Targeting:
 We have changed the age groups you can specify to the age group
 (new format) to every 5 years on the age targeting of Display Ads.
 The age group "13-14" became unavailable.
 The age group you can specify is 15 years old or older.

 [Display Ads (Auction)]
  ・June 9, 2021: New age groups became available
  ・October 2021: Converting to the new age groups starts.

  Even after converting to new age groups, the ad performance in the
  previous format will still be available.

3. Predicted Users of Age targeting and Gender targeting:
 *These changes apply only to Display Ads (Auction).

 "Predicted users" on age targeting and gender targeting of Display Ads
 (Auction) will become unavailable.
 After "predicted users" become unavailable, it will be included in the
 target segment automatically when setting Age targeting and Gender

  In addition to the converting to new age groups implemented in
  October 2021, the "predicted users" setting function for age (old
  format) and gender targeting will become unavailable.

  The ad performance on "predicted users" counted before the change
  will be available on Performance report.

4. Changes on Display Ads API:
 ■Effective date
  June 9, 2021

 (1)New age groups
  Interfaces for setting new age groups and getting the performance
  became available.

  [Effected version]
   v4 and later

  [Service that covers this feature]

 (2)Usage restrictions of "predicted users" setting function and end
  of service
  ・Age targeting
  *The new age group does not support "predicted users" setting feature.
  The previous age groups support the "predicted users" setting even
  after the change. However since those previous groups will become
  unavailable in October, we recommend to convert them to new groups.

  ・Gender targeting
  After the converting to new age groups in October 2021, the feature
  that specifies "predicted users" on gender targeting will become
  Note that the setting "predicted users" is still available until

  [Effected version]
   All available versions

  [Service that covers this feature]

 (3)Changes on Age Targeting report
  Changes on age targeting report that we announced on May 19, 2021
  has completed on June 9, 2021.
  See the following announcement for the details.
  Changes on Age Targeting report of Display Ads
5. Other information:
 ・Schedule may change without prior notice.
 ・Details on the changes of targeting settings when creating and
  editing ad groups and rules on converting age groups can be checked
  on the document.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team