Startup Guide

About Developing Application

  • Apply API Use

    Follow the steps below to apply use of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API.

  • Add Application

    To enable Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API for using your application, you need to add the application on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API Management Console.

  • API Call

    After adding application, please make an API call. You can check whether it returns an expected response by sending a request to Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API.

  • Edit Application

    The procedure of editing and deleting added applications for Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API are as follows.

About Approving Application

  • Approve Application

    In the case of using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads via application that provided by companies other than Yahoo! JAPAN, it is necessary to approve application access to customer's account.

  • Check / Revoke Approved Application

    You can confirm the list of applications approved access via Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API for your account using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API Management Console. And you can revoke access for the application.