• FAQ : Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API in general

    [Q] Are there any differences on requests and responses between Promotional Ads API and Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API? [A] It follows almost all of context of Promotional Ads API

  • FAQ : Introduction of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API

    [Q] Can I use the same functions as production with test account? [A] Yes, you can. Please note that ad contents created on test account are not delivered, so performance data such as report is not available.

  • FAQ : Account management

    [Q] Does the number of request restrictions (QPS) count by each application? [A] Yes, it counts by each application, maximum of "5 requests per second" for each API service type

  • FAQ : Other questions

    [Q] Will Search Ads and Display Ads be merged? [A] There is no plan to merge.

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