Search Ads API v6 Release Note

Release version


Release date

September 13, 2021 (Mon)

Main Contents of this release

*More about objects and other details are described on the Reference document.

1. The new Auto Bidding Type

The name and type changed on the auto bidding (standard bidding) that can be set for campaign type. We have abolished the setting of upper and lower bid prices.
*This function will become available on September 27, 2021.
*See also the following document.
 [Search Ads] New auto bidding type

On v6 and later versions, you cannot specify TARGET_CPA and TARGET_ROAS with "ADD" and "SET". Also, on v5 and earlier versions, you can specify TARGET_CPA and TARGET_ROAS with "ADD" and "SET", but they will be converted to a new format of automatic bidding.
The values will be in the new format and shown on the Campaign Management Tool and reports.
The specific changes by version are as follows.
v5 and beforev6 and laterRemarks
- MAXIMIZE_CONVERSION_VALUE (without targetRoas setting)Cannot be used.

 ・Added MAXIMIZE_CONVERSION_VALUE to biddingStrategyType
 ・Added biddingScheme.maximizeConversionsBiddingScheme and biddingScheme.maximizeConversionValueBiddingScheme
 ・bidCeiling and bidFloor became unavailable

2. Output items on reports

Some output items on reports changed. Check the change detail on v6 with the following document.
 ReportDefinitionService v6 Migration Guide

Also note that reportIncludeZeroImpressions became unavailable on v6 and later. Because items without impressions are also output together, the output data will become large and an error may occur.
To output only the items with impressions on v6 or later version to the report, set the items such as imps to 1 or more in the filtering condition.
In addition, the notation of "Purpose of conversion measurement" (ConversionTrackerServiceCategory) at the time of getting report changed. See also the following document.
 [Search Ads] changes on performance report


3. Operation history of automated rules

The operation history generated by using the automated rules (only available on the Campaign Management Tool) became available on operation history of Search Ads API.
It is available when specifying "ALL" for "sourceType" of AuditLogService.
All available API versions including v6 supported this feature.


4. Maintenance release

We have added Enum to the following services in order to add functions in the future. We will make another announcement once the detail has been decided.

  Added reportType on "add"
  Added entiryType on "addJob"
  Added entiryType on "addJob"

Search Ads API v4 Sunset

Search Ads API v4 is scheduled to sunset as follows.
 ・Deprecation date: October 20, 2021 (Wed)
 ・End of Life Date : February 24, 2022 (Thu)

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API v3 sunset is scheduled as follows.
 ・End of life date: October 20, 2021 (Wed)
  *We have ended the user support for this version already.