Search Ads API v4 Release Note

Release version


Release Date

December 24, 2021 (Wed)

Main Contents of this Release

*More about objects and other details are described on the Reference document.

1. MCC accounts

Search, browse, edit MCC account became available.
*See the following announcement to learn about feature update.
[Yahoo! JAPAN Ads] MCC account will become available
*You need to create MCC account and associate accounts on the Campaign Management Tool.

・Added new AccountLinkService to support acquiring account link information of MCC account
 *Before using this new feature, you need to create MCC account and associate accounts (account link) in advance on the Campaign Management Tool.
 - Removed managerAccountId and canManageAccounts
 - Added includeManagerAccount for get request
 - Added isManagerAccount on get/set responses

2. Changes on reporting

Following changes were made on the names of filter conditions on ReportDefinitionService.







3. Changes on proposal service

We made the following changes on the keyword suggestion service.
・Added the following services
 - KeywordPlanIdeaService
 - KeywordForecastMetricsService
・Removed TargetingIdeaService
 Please consider using KeywordPlanIdeaService.
・Changed QPS of proposal service to "maximum 1 case/sec"

*KeywordEstimatorService that is currently available will be removed on the version up later.
Please consider using KeywordForecastMetricsService.
We have prepared a document that summarizes the differences between old and new services related to keyword suggestion, including preceding changes.
Check the information on the document.

4. Maintenance Release

Following changes were made.
・AccountService supported updating Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID of the account administrator.
・Supported reverse lookup of keywords.
 By specifying the keyword (term), keyword match type, and ad group ID at the time of AdGroupCriterionService/get, get keyword ID became available.
・Changed the value notation "UTF-8" to "UTF8" in the Enum that indicates the character code of the download file
  Following services will have the change:
  - ReportDefinitionService
  - AuditLogService
  - CampaignExportService
  - PageFeedItemService
・Changed the request interface on "addDownloadJob" of PageFeedItemService, from "feedIds[]" to "feedId".

Sunset schedule of Search Ads API v2

Search Ads API v2 is scheduled to sunset as follows.
・Deprecation Date : March 22, 2021 (Mon)
・End of Life Date : July 20, 2021 (Tue)

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API v1 sunset is scheduled as follows.
・End of Life Date : March 22, 2021 (Mon)
 *We have ended the user support for this version already.