Search Ads API v2 Release Note

Release version


Effective Date

July 20, 2020 (Mon)

Main Contents of this Release

*More about objects and other details are described on the Reference document.

1. Ad group's target value for autobidding

For the campaign methods "Auto bidding : Target CPA" and "Auto bidding : Target ROAS", to set individual target values ​​for the ad groups under the campaign became available.
*See the following announcement to learn about feature update.
[Search Ads] Target value for Autobidding

Service that covers this feature AdGroupService  Added the followings to AdGroup object  - targetRoasOverride (Target ROAS)  - targetCpaOverride (Target CPA)

2. Change budget on monthly charge

Supported changing budget on monthly charge
Monthly budget can be changed only when accountType is "INVOICE". The budget amount needs to be specified in increments of 1,000.

Service that covers this feature AccountService  - Support for changing monthly budget by specifying budget item  - Added new error code (212001)

3. Acquire authorized business ID

Added support for obtaining the Yahoo! JAPAN business ID, which authorizes the application to access Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.

Service that covers this feature AccountServicese  Added the new item "authorizationBusinessId" on AccountServicePage object

4. Change some ad-related item names

Changed the following item names on AdGroupAdServiceAd object of AdgroupAdService.

headline headline1
description description1

Service that covers this feature

5. Sunset BidLandscapeService

"BidLandscapeService" became out of support.

Service that covers this feature BidLandscapeService

6. Maintenance Release

Following changes were made.

 Changed HTTP method of getExportFields from GET to POST to unify HTTP methods of services

 Added the following item to CampaignTargetServiceNetworkCoverageType
 - SEARCH_NETWORK (All ad distribution type including Yahoo! JAPAN Search)

 "keywordMatchType" will be deleted from the "TargetingIdeaServiceProposalKeyword" object on the GET response of "TargetingIdeaService".

Sunset schedule of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Search Ads API v0

Search Ads API v0 is scheduled to sunset as follows.
・Deprecation Date : August 31, 2020 (Mon)
・End of Life Date : November 19, 2020 (Thu)

Sponsored Search API (SOAP edition) V201909 has ended support on June 30, 2020.
End of Life Date of V201901 and V201909 is scheduled on September 30, 2020.