Display Ads API v4 Release Note

Release version


Release Date

December 24, 2021 (Wed)

Main Contents of this Release

*More about objects and other details are described on the Reference document.

1. MCC accounts

Search, browse, edit MCC account became available.
*See the following announcement to learn about feature update.
[Yahoo! JAPAN Ads] MCC account will become available

*You need to create MCC account and associate accounts on the Campaign Management Tool.

・Added new AccountLinkService to support acquiring account link information of MCC accounts
 *Before using this new feature, you need to create MCC account and associate accounts (account link) in advance on the Campaign Management Tool.
 - Removed managerAccountId and canManageAccounts
 - Added includeManagerAccount for get request
 - Added isManagerAccount on get/set responses

2. Share target lists

Sharing the target list between ad accounts under the MCC account will become available.
 *The release of the enhancement is scheduled March 10, 2021.
See the following release note for more detail.
[Display Ads] Sharing target list feature scheduled

Following features are available on all versions of Display Ads API.
・Create and get site retargeting tag on MCC accounts
・Retrieve, create, update and delete target list of MCC account
・Browse/edit target lists shared between ad accounts, and associate the list to ad group

Following features are available only on v4.
・Get the share source account ID and account name of the target list
・Get a flag indicating whether the target list has been shared
・Narrow down by specifying the sharing status of the target list

*No IF change.

3. Get Video view through rate

Get "Video view through rate" became available.
*This feature is already available on the Campaign Management Tool. See the following release note for more detail.
[Display Ads] Added a new metrics "Video view through rate"


4. Changes on reporting

・When using MCC account, the following reports support the aggregation of multiple accounts.
 - Conversion path report
 - Cross-campaign reach report
 *The release of the change scheduled March 3, 2021.
 See the following release note for more detail.
 [Display Ads] multiple account aggregation in some reports

・The following changes were also made on ReportDefinitionService.
 - Became available to specify the presence or absence of "header line" and "total line" of the reports
 - The display type of numerical items including the decimal point can be selected from "Display all" and "Simple display"
 - Changed the notation "E-commerce," the value of the campaign delivery type returned in the report, to "Ecommerce"
 - Changed the value notation "UTF-8" to "UTF8" in the Enum that indicates the character code of the download file

5. Enhancements on targeting settings

Following targeting features support multiple lists per ad group and bid adjustment rate by each list.
・Search keyword targeting
・Site retargeting
・Placement targeting

All versions of Display Ads API supports the preceding enhancements.
v4 supports the following features additionally.
・"Exclusions-only list" on placement targeting
・Get performance data of search keyword list, target list, placement list
・Get reports of search keyword list, target list, placement list

See the following release note for more detail.
 Enhancements of Targeting features on Display Ads (Auction)


6. Maintenance release

・AccountService supported updating Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID of the account administrator.

Display Ads API v2 Sunset

Display Ads API v2 is scheduled to sunset as follows.
・Deprecation Date : March 22, 2021 (Mon)
・End of Life Date : July 20, 2021 (Tue)

Display Ads API v1 sunset is scheduled as follows.
・End of Life Date : March 22, 2021 (Mon)
 *We have ended the user support for this version already.