Request Restrictions (QPS)

An upper limit (QPS) is provided for requests per second on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API.
Request restrictions is a maximum of "5 requests per second" for each API service type (function group) for common use. Requests on Search Ads and Requests on Display Ads are counted separately.
 - Even if ReportDefinitionService exceeds request restrictions (QPS), functions such as AccountService are available because the function groups are different.
 - Even if QPS reaches the maximum on AdGroupAdService of Search Ads API, request is available on AdGroupAdService of Display Ads API.

* If you need to change QPS, please contact us via the QPS form.

API service type (function group)

Each Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API service is classified into account, ad creation and reporting.
You can check the classification of the service that you are using in the Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API reference.

TypeLabel of API referenceExample of Services
Account AccountService,
Ad creation AdGroupAdService,
Proposal SearchKeywordIdeaService,
Reporting ReportDefinitionService

When exceeding the restrictions

The following error message appears for the case when exceeding the QPS.

-HTTP Status code : 403
-Error code : 0003
-Error message : Frequency limit exceeded. Please try your request again later.
If the error occurred, please wait 30 sec or more and send your request again. Please also consider to decrease the number of requests.