Display Ads New setting items for ads and some enhancements

Document Number: APIE-FY21-2244

Dear customers,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.

We have provided new setting items on ads and implement feature
enhancements as previously announced in "New setting items for ads and
some enhancements (Document Number: APIE-FY21-2178)."
Please see the following details.

1. Product:
 Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads API

2. Date:
 October 20, 2021 (Wed)
3. New setting items on ads:
 We have provided the following four setting items in the final URL
 It took long hours to create ads, because of reasons such as setting a
 tracking URL for each destination URL.
 After this change, you can expect to improve the efficiency of ads
 management by reducing effort for operations, such as setting tracking
 URL on each layer.
 Note that the format previously being provided (the format of
 destination URL) is also available as of now even after this change
 ・Final URL:
  the URL of the website shown when the ad is clicked.
  *The English name of this URL item has been changed from "landing
  page URL" to "final URL."
  It will be set for ads.
  *"Display URL" will be generated automatically by this new "final

 ・Smartphone final URL:
  the URL of the page for smartphone shown when the ad is clicked
  on smartphones.
  You can set the URL for ads when you have a page for smartphone
  with the URL different from the page for PC.

 ・Tracking URL:
  the URL for measuring advertising effectiveness when tracking.
  You can set this URL to each layer under the account.

 ・Custom parameter:
  the character string such as tracking identification information
  to be set in "final URL" and/or "tracking URL."
  You can set this parameter to each layer under the campaign.
  *Tracking URL and custom parameters are referred to as the "URL

4. Adding Tracking Parameters:
 We have added the following five parameters.
 Along with the release of final URL format, the types of tracking
 parameters that can be used in the tracking URL increased, enabling
 more flexible tracking.


5. SKAdNetwork measurement support for iOS app
 When you select "app promotion" for the campaign goal, the
 "SKAdNetwork measurement" item will be added on creating or editing
 the campaign, and you can select the ad measurement tool (Adjust or
 *Use the same provider for the ad measurement tool selected in
 "SKAdNetwork measurement" and the destination URL (in the case of
 the destination URL format) or tracking URL (in the case of final URL
 If the providers are not the same, you will not be able to get the
 numbers in the reports of the tool.
 *We recommend that you also change the destination URL or tracking URL
 when you change the ad measurement tool of "SKAdNetwork measurement."

6. Remarks:
 ・The destination URL (in destination URL format) previously being
  provided will be abolished in the future, except for some items in
  Dynamic Ads for Display.
  *We will inform you once more details are determined.
 ・Along with the end of destination URL format, we plan to provide a
  converting function to the final URL format.
  More details will be announced later.

 ・When you set a tracking URL for your account, campaign, or ad group,
  those elements will be subject to review.
  We plan to provide a test function that allows you to check the
  validity of the final URL and tracking URL in advance.
  Details such as how to use the function will be provided in the
  help pages after the effective date.
 ・With this change, we have changed some part of the Advertisement
  Editorial Guidelines.
  [Japanese edition]
  [English edition]
 ・For details on this function and changes in guidelines, refer to the PDF document.
7.Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Display Ads API:
 [Effected version]
  All available versions
   FINAL_URL and TRACKING_URL were added to the list of fields
   returned by getReportFields

 [Effected version]
   After the change, finalUrl, displayUrlLevel, smartphoneFinalUrl,
   trackingUrl, customParameters became available.
   *For Carousel Ad, finalUrl and smartphoneFinalUrl will become
   available in the card.
   *When specifying finalUrl, you cannot specify any url at the same
   *When specifying finalUrl, smartphoneFinalUrl, trackingUrl and
   customParameters are optional.
   trackingUrl became available.
   trackingUrl, customParameters, vendorName became available.
   trackingUrl and customParameters became available.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team