Search Ads changes on performance report

Document Number: APIE-FY21-2243

Dear customers,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.
We will change some functions such as performance report on Search Ads.
Please see the following details.

1. Product:
 Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Search Ads

2. Schedule:
 October 20, 2021 (Wed)
 *This date is subject to change.

3. Overview:
 There are some changes on performance report in order to add functions
 in the future.
 The view of reports for "Conversion Tracking Purpose" will change at
 the same time. New reports and templates created after the effective
 date will be output with the changed contents.

 Check the following "4" and later for more details. Since there are
 many changes, download and check the following materials (PDF file)
 for details.
 ・Changes on performance report
 ・Conversion tracking purpose
 * These documents are in Japanese only. English translation will be
  available later.

4. Specific changes on performance reports:
 Changes in the new report and new template created after the effective
 date are as follows.

 ■New report
  The following new report will become available.

 ・Landing page URL report"
 * The existing "Landing page URL report" will change to "Final URL
  This "Landing page URL report" is renewed report.
  You can see the values by measurement centered on the landing page
  URL (renewed item) displayed by clicking the ad.

 ・Bid Adjustments Report
  You can output a list of bid adjustment rates set for campaigns and
  ad groups.

 ・Site retargeting report (by campaign)
 ・Site retargeting report (by ad group)
  We will separate the site retargeting campaign to the two report,
  by campaign and by ad group.

 ■Reports sunset
  Following reports will become unavailable.
  When you use a template created before the effective date, you can
  continue to create the following reports.

 ・Landing page URL report (existing)
  Use the successor, renewed "Landing page URL report."

 ・Site retargeting report
  Use the successor "site retargeting report" (by campaign) and
  "site retargeting report" (by ad group).

 ■New item
  Following reports will have new data items.

 ・Geographic performance report
  "Metro area" will be added
  "City/Ward/District" will be changed to "Location"

 ・Ad report, keyword report, ad display option report
  "Smartphone Landing page URL" will be changed to "smartphone final URL".

 ・Ad display option report:
  "Ad customizer" will be added.

 ■Remove items
  Some items will be removed from the following reports.

 ・Campaign report, ad group report
  "Smartphone Bid Adjustment (%)", "PC Bid Adjustment (%)",
  "Tablet Bid Adjustment (%)" will be unavailable.
  * Use the new "bid adjustment report."

 ・Search Query Report (DAS)
  "Domain" and "Negative Keyword" will be unavailable.

 ■Change items
  Following items and notation will change.

 ・Alternatives of the item "device" will change as follows.
   Mobile devices with full browsers →Smartphone
   Tablets with full browsers →Tablet

 ・When the number is less than the number of valid digits, "0" was
  added at the end in the past, but "0" will not be added in the new
   Example: 1.3800 → 1.38

 ・Change the notation when the value does not exist as follows
   When the value is a numerical value, the notation of "0" and "-"
   was used in the past, but it will be unified to "0" only.
   When the value is a string, the notation of "--" will be changed
   to a blank.

 Some items will have the following changes at the same time.
 Change details are described on the PDF documents introduced on the
 preceding "3."

 ・Displays the value after the decimal point, which was previously
 ・Changed the value smaller than 10%, which was displayed as "0.1",
  to "0.0999"
 ・Changed the value larger than 90%, which was displayed as "0.9",
  to "0.9001"
 ・Changed the number of digits processing that was "rounded to the
  third decimal place" to "rounded to the fifth decimal place"
 ・In case when an item including division is specified in the filter,
  the total line will be calculated if both the denominator and
  numerator items are specified in the display item.
 ・In case when an item including division is specified in the filter,
  the total line will be displayed as "0"

 ■Other changes
 *Details are described on the documents introduced on the preceding "3."

 ・Change items that could not be combined for each report

 ・Change the output format of the label (JSON)

 ・When the value of the "URL" item is different in the Search Query
  Report (Dynamic Ads for Search), it will be output as a separate
  data line even when "URL" is not selected in the display items.

 ・In the new report, "Items to be extracted in the report" (excluding
  items without impressions) in "Report output settings" will be deleted.
  In order to prevent to output a large number of items without
  impressions, the initial setting of "impressions" of the "Filter"
  item will be set to ""1" or more" on the new report setting view.
  When you want to output items without impressions together on the
  report, remove this setting

5. Change on report of Conversion tracking purpose:
 We plan to expand the new conversion measurement method, which is
 currently available only for app conversions, to all conversions such
 as for web pages.
 The "conversion tracking purpose" has been greatly expanded from
 several types to 19 types, making it easier for advertisers to select
 the purpose that suits the purpose of ads.

 To support this change, when you set the "conversion tracking purpose"
 in the new report and output it, the current purpose of conversion
 analytics will be displayed with the new purpose name.

 More details are described on the release note.

 Since the new purpose name is automatically selected on the system,
 a name different from the purpose name set on the Campaign Management
 Tool etc. may be displayed.

 *On Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Search Ads API, "conversion tracking purpose"
 will be displayed with the new purpose name in API v6 or later.

 We will make another announcement once the schedule and details are

6. Precaution:
 ・After the new report release, creating a new template for previous
  reports will end.
  You can continue to create reports using existing templates, but
  we plan to end support for those templates, so consider creating
  reports and templates with new reports.

 ・If "other" is set for "conversion tracking purpose," contents will
  be displayed in the following format in reports after the effective
  -Existing reports:
   Show any of the current conversion tracking purposes
  -New reports:
   Show any of the new conversion tracking purposes
  *This is caused by system restrictions, and you cannot select any
  item. We apologize for the inconvenience.

 ・On Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Search Ads API, these changes will be applied
  on v6 and later. See the following announcement.
  Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API v6 release

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team