Search Ads enhancement of Autobidding completed

Document Number: APIE-FY21-2109

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We have released the enhancement as previously announced in "Scheduled:
Search Ads enhancement of Autobidding (Document Number : APIE-FY20-2164)."
Please see the following details.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the release date

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.

1. Product:
 Search Ads

2. Effective date:
 April 7, 2021 (Wed)

3. Overview:
 On autobidding feature of Search Ads, we have improved the following
 functions and corrected error messages.
 ■Absolute top of the page
 The new type "Absolute top of the page" was added to Autobidding.
 "Absolute top of the page" will automatically adjust your bid so that
 your ad appears at the top of the search results page at the rate you
 This auto bidding type is suitable when you want to raise awareness by
 placing ads at some rate at the absolute top of the pages to be easily
 noticed by internet users.
 In addition to the absolute top of the page, you can also select "Top"
 or "Anywhere" of the pages.
 *"Absolute top of the page" means that your ad is displayed at the top
 of the Text ads displayed on the search result screen.

 [Impact on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Search Ads API]
 Effected version : v3, v4

 ・Affected areas : Following items were added to BiddingStrategyService
  and CampaignService.
   Added the followings to BiddingScheme:
   Added the following to biddingStrategyType

 ・Following changes were made on ReportDefinitionService.
  -Added targetImpressionShare to BID_STRATEGY_TYPE of Campaign report
  -Added targetImpressionShare to BID_STRATEGY_TYPE of Auto Bidding
  get/add/remove targetImpressionShare became available on fields and
  filters of both reports

 ■Auto bidding type "Target ROAS" conditions
  We changed the followings on "/set" of CampaignService:

 ・Effected version : All
 (Before) Only when ConversionOptimizerEligibility is ENABLE,
  biffingStrategyType can be set to TARGET_ROAS
 (After) Regardless of the value of ConversionOptimizerEligibility,
  the setting can be completed with biddingStrategyType set to
  However, please note that the biddingStrategyType will be set to
  MANUAL_CPC if the conditions for the number of conversions do not

 ■Fix error codes
  In the following cases, error codes were fixed on /set of

 ・Effected version : All
 ・When setting TARGET_ROAS to campaigns with iOS set for the OS:
 (Before) 210304: Not enough conversions or invalid setting.
 (After) 120020: Can not set value.

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