Value Constraints

The constraints of each value in Yahoo! JAPAN Ads API are as follows.

Entity Limits

Search AdsDisplay Ads
Account 100 campaigns per account
50,000 keywords per account
* These are default.
100 campaigns per account
1,000 images per accont
100 videos per account
Campaign 2,000 ad groups per campaign 1,000 ad groups per campaign
Ad Group 2,000 keywords per ad group
* Total number including keywords and negative keywords.
50 ads per ad group
200 ads per ad group
* Up to 50 ads with display settings "On"
Negative Keyword 5,000 negative keywords at campaign level
2,000 negative keywords at ad group level
* Total number including keywords and negative keywords.
Ad Display Option 5,000,000
* Total number including page URLs of Dynamic Ads for Search and data lines of Data Auto Insertion List on Ad Customizer.
Setup Ad Display Option 50,000 setups to campaigns
250,000 setups to ad group per account, 10,000 setups to ad group per campaign
Conversion tag 1,000 tags 1,000 tags
Day of Week / Hours Targeting Setting in every 15 minutes,
6 targetings per day
Setting in every 1 hour
Site Retargeting 2,000 target lists
*5,000 target lists when sharing account
300 target lists

Site Retargeting: Setup Target List

950,000 setups for all campaigns per account
5,000 setups per campaign
*Including all of the following components under the campaign:
- Negatige keyword
- Geographic targeting
- Day of week / hour targeting
- Device targeting
- Target list of Site retargeting

50,000 setups for all ad groups under the account
2,000 setups per ad group
*Including all of the following components under the ad group:
-Negative keyword
-Target list of Site retargeting
1 allow / 1 exclude per ad group
Search Keyword Targeting -- 1,000 search keyword lists
500 keywords per search keyword list
Placement Targeting -- 100 placement lists
1,000 URLs per placement list
Reporting 6 criterias for filtering 6 criterias for filtering

See Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Insertion Rules (guideline) for restrictions on campaigns, ads and images.